STATEMENT regarding the war in Ukraine

Ref: 54 / 02.03.2022





The Board of Directors of Romanian Taekwon-do ITF Federation firmly condemns the military aggression of the Russian Federation against an independent sovereign Ukraine and expresses its solidarity with the people of Ukraine as well as with all the victims of this war, no matter their nationality.

This is not the way! People are losing their lives; innocent children are dying or remain orphans. This has to stop immediately!

We cannot stay indifferent to what is happening now to these victims.

At the same time, we understand that the Russian or Belorussian Taekwon-do practitioners cannot be held responsible for this war and they cannot do much to change or influence their aggressive rulers’ decisions.

In solidarity with those who lose their lives or are affected by this war and in contradiction with the Russian Government’s aggressive decisions, we are asking the Board of Directors of ITF and of AETF to implement the IOC decisions with regards to Russian and Belorussian sport federations until this chaos created by the Russian President and its Government will stop or be stopped.

Romanian Taekwon-do ITF Federation will act in accordance with the decisions of Romanian Government and the Ministry of Sports.

NO to war!


Board of Directors



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